Sayville Car Show

 There are many benefits having photography as a hobby. You get to learn new skills and techniques which feels very rewarding. It can be very relaxing after a rough day. And it it helps get you off the couch and out of the house. There was a street fair and car show a few towns over. It was nice walking around snapping pics of classic muscle cars. Its good exercise too. My wife, daughter and I walked around for a good three hours. I didn’t shoot raw and I shot auto just about all of the time. I went into this knowing I’d just be taking snap shots of a subject that I like. If I ever got to sit down and get to take my time with one of those cars of course I’d be in manual. But we went late in the day and it was packed with people. Took a lot of careful timing to keep people out of the shot. I was respectful of the other spectators too. I didn’t want to be a dick and hold people up from walking though my shot. All in all it was a great day, got to meet a bunch of cool people and have fun doing it


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