Sketchbook Studio

Sketchbook Studio


We had the privilege of having my daughter’s birthday party at a place called Sketchbook studio. The program director of the studio Meg Healy made the experience really pleasant and fun. And to date, my daughter’s favorite birthday party. The kids received some lessons on acrylic painting and holding artist pallets. They first started off the activity doodling on a giant piece of paper then make a painting on canvas which they got to keep.


The studio is a quaint place just bursting with creativity. When we first walked in we are greeted by a robot sculpted from reclaimed materials. The black and white motif of the studio lets the art work become the attraction. Works in progress and finished pieces fill the room and give you the bug to create. Another relaxing thing about having her party here was I never had that feeling, “where’s my kid?” lol. I highly recommend Sketchbook Studio. Its a break from the norm and highly enjoyable.

My daughter and her friends really loved it. You can see by the expressions on their face how happy they were to create something. Meg has a really great attitude towards the whole process making it real esteem building for the kids. We liked it so much we decided to send my daughter there for art instruction. Looking forward to seeing her creations.


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