Photography is one of my many passions, along with a plethora of other things. Back in the late eighties I took a photography course in school. I started with a Ricoh SLR and then moved onto a Canon AE-1. I really enjoyed it from developing the film to editing the photos. But as in the case of many people, life and work took over and some interests had go by the wayside. I didn’t get to exercise the photo thing as much as I liked until some time last year. At my wife’s encouragement she pushed me to get a DSLR. I bought what I could afford which was an entry level Canon T3i. Once again the fire inside was ignited. Photography also became a father daughter bonding hobby. While watching some videos on line she took an interest. So the next time I went out I took her with me and brought along an extra camera and we had a lot of fun.



I’m hoping to share my insights with this blog. It’s going to be a view from and amateur and a consumer. There’s tons of photography content out there that I learn from. But the ones I respond to well the most are the ones that inspire me to get out and shoot. I have no desire to shoot professionally only to capture special moments with my family and record things that have some kind of meaning to me. I don’t need to use pro gear. I have a job, I’ve got bills and I’m on a budget. So I try to do the best with what I have. Hopefully you will find something here that will inspire you too.


-Rob P

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  1. Rob I absolutely love your pictures. I’m so proud of you! Your work is beautiful. You inspire me to get my camera out and take some pics!!

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